List of medicines

Types of Medicine Products Dosage forms Contents Efficacies
Cold remedies Mimiton IB
Mimiton IB
Capsule 24caps Symptoms of common cold (runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, phlegm, chill, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)
Mimiton A
Mimiton A
Capsule 12caps
Kazeni Mimiton
Kazeni Mimiton
Capsule 6packets Symptoms of common cold (cough, phlegm, chill, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)
Digestive medicine Waki digestive medicine
Waki digestive medicine
Powder 120g Relief of hyperacidity, heartburn, stomach discomfort, bloating, upset stomach, breast obstruction, belch, nausea, vomitting, excessive drinking, stomachache.
Waki digestive
medicine tablet
Waki digestive medicine tablet
Tablet 48tablets
Analgesics Pitari Waki Fine Granules
Pitari Waki Fine Granules
Granules 6packets ・Relief of headache, period pains,
 toothache, pain after exodontias, sore
 throat, joint pain, sore muscles,
 backache, stiff shoulder, pain of a bruise,
 earache, fracture pain, sprain pain,
 traumatic pain.
・Alleviation of fever
Pitari L Plus
Pitari L Plus
Tablet 30tablets
Tablet 30tablets
Sinus medicine Mimiton Rhinitis Capsules
Mimiton Rhinitis Capsules
Capsule 6caps Relief from the following symptoms caused by acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, or
sinusitis: sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, teary eyes, sore throat, headache
Vitamin Vimeron White C
Vimeron White C
Capsule 80caps ・Age spots, freckles, sunburns or skin rash.
・Prevention of bleeding gums and nose
・Vitamin C supplementation for physical
 exhaustion, before and after childbirth,
 during and after illness, and aging.
Alinaparomin Gold
Alinaparomin Gold
Sugar coating tablet 180tablets ・Relief from nerve pain, muscle pain, joint
 pain (backache, stiff shoulders), numbness
 in limbs, and eye strain.
・Nutrition of vitamin B1, B6, B12